BACKLANZ®️ Detachable Bipod
BACKLANZ®️ Detachable Bipod
BACKLANZ®️ Detachable Bipod
BACKLANZ®️ Detachable Bipod
BACKLANZ®️ Detachable Bipod
BACKLANZ®️ Detachable Bipod

BACKLANZ®️ Detachable Bipod

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The Backlanz Detachable Bipod is designed with the hunter or shooter in mind. This light weight design allows a full range of movement yet at the push of a button the bipod is able to be released from the rifle allowing it to be stored in your backpack or even in your pocket.

The mounting bracket is designed to sit on the rifle full time. This Titanium bracket is intelligently designed and manufactured to add no more than 15 grams of weight to your rifle. Install simply by removing your existing sling stud and replace it with matching threaded ball stud supplied. Your sling will mount directly to the mounting bracket. Got more than one rifle? Simply purchase more mounting brackets. Please refer to our list below of non compatible rifles. These rifles will require custom fitting. 

The Standard is extendable in notched increments from 8 to 13” inches (200 mm to 330 mm) and is most versatile for hunting in the field giving you some height to help you shoot in more difficult situations.

The design allows for the bipod to sit on the rifle full time if need be as a normal bipod would but can be attached and detached quickly at the push of a button without having to remove your sling. Whilst doing all this the spring loaded ball joint connection allows pivoting to compensate for uneven ground and panning for following or shooting at multiple targets

These bipods are comprised with quality light weight components and are manufactured with innovative processes to help reduce weight. All bipods are assembled by hand in New Zealand with local and imported components.

  • Bipod weight 315g
  • Mounting bracket weight 15g
  • Detachable and attachable at the push of a button
  • Extendable legs with notched leg adjustment
  • Pivoting for compensating on uneven ground
  • Panning for the ability to follow targets and ease of set up in an awkward situation
  • Easily installed onto most standard rifles without having to alter your stock
  • Easily moved between rifles – with additional mounting brackets
  • Rifle easily fits into gun bags when the bipod is detached
  • Allows better rifle balance for shooting free hand when the bipod is detached
  • Sling attaches to the mounting bracket allowing the rifle to be comfortably carried
  • Bipod comes with 1 x Universal Mounting Bracket
  • USA Patent Application Number 16/569,822
  • NZ Patent Application Number 757276
  • Australian Patent Application Number 2019229526

Rifles that will require custom fitting:

- Sauer 100

- Sako 85 Bavarian Walnut Stock

- Steyer Pro Hunter S/S

- Older rifles with wooden stocks

This list is subject to change as we become aware of non compatible rifles.






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