Testing The World’s Best Hunting Bipod


Backlanz live and die by their statement that they have the world’s best lightweight hunting bipod on the market, but how does this claim hold up to the real-world challenges and expectations that come with an unrelenting multi-day hunting mission?

Well, we tested it out during a multi-day Tahr hunt with Jarrod, a keen hunter from the deep south of New Zealand. On this trip we documented the performance of the bipod in some challenging conditions, also capturing some pretty incredible photos along the way!
Let’s get stuck in…

We caught up with Jarrod, his brother, and his old man for our balloted Tahr hunt on the rugged West Coast of New Zealand. On the first day we landed at the edge of basin, parked up beside a tarn and glassing the surrounding area.


Most of the good hunting was along the opposite end of the basin, so with our packs all set and the hope of landing a solid bull Tahr at the front of our mind, we set off across the snow line in search of a good animal. Battling through scrawly tussocks, undulating terrain, and 10-12 hour daily walks broken up by periods of glassing, it was a big help keeping the load of our setup to a minimum. At just 5.58 oz (or 158g), the Backlanz bipod was barely noticeable when hiking around, and knowing that it could put up with some abuse, you didn’t have to worry about babying it.

The first three days we struggled to pick up any animals worth their while, but with rutting season in full swing, the Tahr were on the move constantly and we still had high hopes of spotting a goodie. On the fourth day we caught sight of a decent looking bull, but being in a pretty exposed area we had to keep as close as we could to the rock face. The problem was, the closer to the face and a good shot at this Tahr, the steeper the incline got for getting that shot off. We managed to get just within 450-metres, Jarrod took a prone position with the rifle and began setting up for his shot.


All the hours of preparation and effort we’d put into the last few days had come to a single point. Hunts like these with your family and experiencing the incredible sites this part of the world has to offer don’t come along every day, and as Jarrod flipped the bipod down off the stock of his rifle, the weight of the trip was mounting on this moment. All he had to rely on were three things: his rifle, his scope, and his bipod.

This is the type of situation where the Backlanz bipod shines. You’re not worrying that it might malfunction or be damaged from your bush bashing, the things damn near indestructible. Even with adrenaline coursing through your veins, the simple engineering and ergonomics of the bipod mean you can get it set up quickly, even if your hands are a bit shaky. The undulating terrain was a piece of cake for the adjustable legs, getting a steady shooting position without compromise took no time at all, and the leg length meant we had good clearance above anything in our way.

The bull was busy moving about and chasing the nannies around, meaning the panning function of the bipod was a life-saver (well, figuratively speaking, and not for the animal). Loading up on the carbon fiber legs, Jarrod made his shot and took down the bull we’d be waiting for.

With a sense of relief washing over us, we had a great representative trophy for the area. Light was fading and with some tricky bluffs ahead of us, we made the call to come back the next morning and retrieve the bull.


After a night fueled with some great chats, many laughs, and maybe a few too many beers, we got up with the sun and headed off across the basin. We did a bit of animal management with some nannies as we made our way up towards the bull, and when we got to him we stripped off some meat and took the head and cape.


That night, as our hunting mission was coming to an end, it was easy to see how special trips like these are. The bipod really does perform, and in situations where you have a lot of work leading up to one shot, being able to rely on the bipod is seriously invaluable.

Well, that does it for this overview of how the Backlanz performs in the wild, and with our confidence at an all-time high, it was about time to test how durable this ultralight bipod really is. We definitely don’t recommend driving your truck over your hunting gear, but this video was too good not to include in this write-up!

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