Comparing Our Best Lightweight Rifle Bipods

Lightweight bipods are a must for any hunting trip that requires a bit of leg work. If you’re spending hours at high altitudes, ripping around mountainous terrain, or going on multi-day hunts, it becomes obvious how important it is to keep the weight of your pack and rifle setup to a minimum. You’ll see hunters pay special attention to the weight of their optics and rifles, but bipods can get overlooked. So, we’ve chucked together a comparison of the best lightweight rifle bipods Backlanz has to offer.

Let’s get into it!


The Original Carbon Fiber Bipod

With a titanium and carbon fiber construction, the Original Backlanz bipod is designed with durability and low weight in mind. Comparing this bipod's weight of just 5.57oz (158g) to your ‘Harris Ultra-light’ at 11oz, the Backlanz truly is pushing the boundaries of how light a high-performing bipod can get. Fortunately, the baby hasn’t been thrown out with the bath water, and all the features you’ve come to expect from a quality hunting bipod remain with the Backlanz Original, which includes:
- Extendable legs (9” to 13.5”)
- Four angles of leg adjustment (legs up, 30°, 60°, legs down)
- Spring loaded quick detach system
- Pivoting to adjust for uneven ground
- Panning for tracking targets
Just like every option on this list, the Backlanz Original carbon fiber bipod excels when you need a lightweight, durable, high-performing bipod. With this model in particular, it’s a jack of all trades for hunting missions, where it’s exceptionally light but doesn’t strip away the features you need for lining up that perfect shot.

The LT Carbon Fiber Bipod

The LT Carbon Fiber model is unrivaled when it comes to a compact, detachable, ultra-light bipod option. Tipping the scales at just 4.48oz (127g), this blows similar ‘ultra-light’ bipods on the market out of the water. Just like the Original Backlanz bipod, the LT doesn’t compromise on durability. Built-in New Zealand from titanium and carbon fiber, this is a bipod made by hunters, for hunters. The LT is a more stripped-back version of the Original Backlanz bipod, featuring:
- Three angle leg adjustments (legs up, 45°, legs down)
- Extendable legs (6.0” to 9.5”)
- Spring loaded quick detach system
- Pivoting & panning capabilities
The LT is best for a minimalist hunter or shooter, who needs a light and compact bipod but doesn’t necessarily require the extra leg length.

Notched Carbon Fiber Bipod

The notched model is a step-up from the Original Backlanz bipod, featuring improved leg functionality with the spring-loaded, notched aluminum inner tubes. These allow you to get set up and on target faster, compared to the carbon fiber inner tubes that can be a bit fiddley when you’re in a rush. Although aluminum inners aren’t quite as lightweight as carbon fiber, the notched model still comes in well under 200 grams less than your average Harris bipod, weighing 6.6oz (192g). The notched model by Backlanz features:
- Three angles of leg adjustments (legs up, 45°, legs down)
- Fully spring-loaded legs (9” to 13”)
- Notched leg adjustment
- Pivoting & panning capabilities
If you’re someone who wants a bipod that is as easy to use as it is lightweight, then the notched is a great choice for you. It suits the type of hunter who is willing to invest in a piece of gear that gives them the best experience on the day, and looks damn good while doing so!

Ultra-Long Carbon Fiber Bipod

As the name suggests, this model features ultra-long legs, allowing you to get up and out of the tussocks, shrub, or long grass easily. With generous leg extensions of 10” to 18” (250mm to 470mm), the ultra-long gives your barrel solid clearance without tacking on extra weight, thanks to the composition of carbon fiber and titanium. The carbon fiber legs extend telescopically in three stages, allowing you to set the right height for your shot. As with each of these bipods, you’re still looking at an ultra-lightweight option here, weighing just 6.53oz (185g). The Ultra-Long bipod features:
- 17 inches (450mm) of ground clearance
- Four angles of leg adjustment (legs up, 30°, 60°, legs down)
- Three-stage carbon fiber inner legs
- Pivoting & panning for awkward ground
The ultra-long model is perfect for hunters who need a versatile, lightweight option that gets the job done in high grass or any other terrain that requires a bit of clearance. If you’d like to learn more about the Ultra-Long Carbon Fiber model you can view it here.